Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Richmond Rides for Everyone Saturday 21st February

A short flat riverside ride taking us from Mortlake down to Hammersmith and back up along the Mall.
Nine of us assembled and after a visit to the Tomb of Sir Richard Burton, made in the style of an Arabian tent, and perhaps an extended coffee break we shortened the ride by cutting across Chiswick Bridge and down the new cycle ramp back to the towpath and Mortlake.


Date Saturday 21st February
Meeting : Mortlake Green lower side.
Time 10:45 am
Contact Paul Luton 02089774016 / paul@pluton.eclipse.co.uk

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Richmond Rides Sunday 1st February

The ruins of Ankerwyke Priory, where King John stayed before signing Magna Carta, are now surrounded by damp woodland studded with snowdrops. We cycle out up the Thames have a brief expedition on foot (change of footwear recommended) then back to the 21st century with lunch in a local pub and a ride home through the slightly strange area cut off by Heathrow.

Six intrepid cyclists set out from Twickenham. The sky brightened as we cycled along the Thames past Laleham and we didn't need walking boots to reach the snowdrops around the 2500 year old Ankerwyke Yew. At lunch at the Perseverance we were joined by another member and then set off home into an icy blast. "Character building" said Sue. At least we got back before the serious snow.

Date: Sunday 1st February 2009
Meeting Point:Twickenham Station
Meeting Time: 10:30
Contact: Paul Luton (02089774016 paul@pluton.eclipse.co.uk)